Year 6 Resident Artists

Marc Chagall is our artist focus this term! He was a Russian artist in the early 20th century, residing for most of his life in France.

We have been learning all about his artistic style. Chagall is most famous for his colourful pieces and stained glass styles too.

His love of France can be seen in many of his Paris artwork. These inspired us. You will see below a mixture of his original work analysed by Year 6. Can you spot his Parisian skyline? This served as the inspiration for our own skylines. But we put a twist on his Paris theme by creating skylines linked to WWII, The Tudors and Victorians, as these will be our history focus this term. You might also be able to spot some mountains in there too – a nod to our work on the Himalayas!

We hope you love looking at the bright, uplifting pastel masterpieces as much as we loved making them!


  1. I liked learning about Marc Chagall because we get to know about his art style which was whimsical and unexpected and also we tried to do our own art work and try and make our own art similar to Marc’s art style.

  2. Our Marc Chagall work took concentration, art skills such as blending, sketching and many more. We also used multiple colours like blue, yellow, green, white and red
    to create our own versions of Marc Chagall art pieces.

  3. Learning about Marc Chagall was really exquisite and magnificent! We learnt about his style of art, the hidden meanings of his surreal artworks and we even drew an inspired drawing ourselves! We had lots of fun writing about our details, included from our artworks, into the commentary card we had.

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