Years 5 and 6 Class Service : Calling

On Thursday the 16th November, Years 5 and 6 led a beautiful service with the theme of ‘Calling.’ Every child had their own role to play and all pupils worked together seamlessly. Parents, staff, and children were left feeling peaceful, reflective and inspired.

We were able to hear scripture from the Bible that told us to listen to God and allow his voice to speak to us and tell us what to do. One word to describe God’s calling is the word Vocation. A vocation is a calling from God to serve others. To answer your calling to your vocation you must give your life humbly and complete your mission from God.

This service was an inspiring time to reflect and respond to God’s calling.

Years 5 and 6 – what do you believe your calling to be?

How can we spread the message of God’s calling to others?



  1. In my opinion I thought the liturgy was a really nice way and time to reflect. It was a calming time where we could listen to what was being said.

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