You’ve Got To Be Bold, Beautiful and Brave! Year 2 Assembly

On Thursday morning we had our class 2 assembly, which was a brilliant celebration of all the wonderful things we have been doing in class 2!

In our assembly, we talked about all the different things we have been learning and reflecting on in our Come and See lessons and our class collective worship.

Our class have a liturgy team who help us to reflect and pray every week. We have a different theme each week to focus our prayers on, our theme this week is inspire!

Amelia says: Jesus inspires me to be kind and love one another.

Riley says: God inspires us by being kind and looking after us.

Filip says: the liturgy team inspire me because they help me to pray.

Our class and eco leaders are very upset about the fires that have happened in the Amazon rainforest and all over Australia. In our class assembly we said a prayer for all the animals and humans that have been affected by the fires. We asked our Lord, to help us to look after our after our planet and work together to make the world a better place and that these fires do not happen again.

We finished our assembly by singing a song called ‘Gotta be’. We were born to try new challenges. We were born to shine brighter than ever before. We were born to be bold, beautiful and brave!

Have a listen to class 2’s song- we hope you enjoy it!!

By Amelia, Riley, and Filip


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