Yr 6 Fantastic French

In our Yr 6 French lessons we have been learning lots of great French phrases here is just one of them:

  • Ça va? Ça va mal/Ça va comme ci comme ca/ Ça va bien/ Ça va très bien
  • How’s it going? It is going badly/ It is going so so/ It is going well/ It is going very well

Over the course of All of our French lessons, we have been learning how to say the names of fruits, months, numbers, phrases, questions and their answers. In most lessons, we play games to help us understand and the words or phrases that we have just been taught. In our French books we try and remember as many French phrases as possible and write them down on paper “chocolate bars”. Overall, our French lessons are extremely fun and we learn a lot from Miss Lancashire on a Tuesday afternoon every week.


  1. I have only had a few French lessons at school and begun an interest in French. There are a lot of French tutorials on YouTube that I have been using.

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